J & M B
Please let everyone know that this evening was fabulous! We loved not only the theatre portion but partnering with other businesses in the community put it over the top!
Kudos to everyone involved!  09/25/2020


Anonymous, MN
Oh my goodness, we all loved It’s a Wonderful Life so much. I was so emotional! I don’t think I’ve ever cried in live theatre before. The actors were unbelievable and the way they used the full set of the building was really creative. We felt so welcome as well with Anella’s wheelchair- Front row! Our little darling was loved by the actors which again made me cry more that George Bailey wanted to meet her. It was very touching. The day was so perfectly wonderful. Thank you to everyone at the theatre!!


Quotes from audience July 28, 2019

“Fantastic. The acting was excellent.” — Sue Logan, Marine

“All the actors were terrific. And the two-level set design was great. It was a very intimate experience.” — Steve Suby, Marine

“Outstanding. Very impressive. The quality of the performance was impressive.” — Edwina and Karl Johnson, Stillwater

“Expertly done. Very professional. It really kept moving. And the setting was cozy and intimate.” — Jenna Weiss, Stillwater

Sitting so close to the stage, “we were actually living through the whole thing. I’ve never been to a play that hit me so hard, that struck me so emotionally.” — Connie Hall, North St. Paul

Zachary and Karen Meyer, MN
Zephyr Theatre’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire – My wife and I had the opportunity to see this production last evening, and can’t begin to express how good it was. The acting is superb, as is the storyline.
The venue is so intimate, and we were able to sit in the front row with plenty of open seats around us. We were really able to appreciate the quality of the actors, and their impassioned performance.
If you haven’t gone yet, you really need to. It is playing this weekend, and the next two (July 25-28; and August 1-4). The Zephyr puts on excellent plays, and I think that this was one of their best yet! Go enjoy it, and support your local theater. It is a wonderful community asset.


Brian Erdrich, Somerset, WI
What an amazing show. The greatest part for me was seeing such great talent in the valley. 07/20/19

Danielle Bebus, Somerset, WI
This was the first show I’ve seen in which I liked the whole cast. It was so cohesive. 07/20/19

Cyndee Christensen, Hudson, WI
A Streetcar Named Desire was very professional. 07/20/19

Mary Lou Linder, Stillwater, MN
It [A Streetcar Named Desire] was wonderful. 07/20/19

Wes Sly, Stillwater, MN
Dianne and I saw “Comedy of Errors” in Pioneer Park and greatly enjoyed it. Dianne actually saw it twice – once with our daughter. The Zephyr is doing great things. Congratulations to all who worked on the project. Let’s talk about what I could help with. I hadn’t seen a production of “Comedy of Errors” and I wondered how they were going to handle the twins meeting, but the mirror device was great and was done well.  07/13/19

Simon Hearne, Stillwater, MN
This is the 4th production we have been to with Zephyr Theatre and they have all been fantastic -highly recommended !  03/10/19

Kathy King, Stillwater, MN
Excellent Play at Historic Courthouse We thoroughly enjoyed the Zephyr’s production of the Agatha Christie play, Witness for the Prosecution, at Stillwater’s Historic Courthouse. The play runs all next weekend, too. See https://archive.stillwaterzephyrtheatre.org/2019/02/agatha-christie-witness-for-the-prosecution-march-8-march-10-and-march-15-march-17-2019/ for more info. Highly recommend!  03/10/19

Nikki Zawislak (parent of Zephyr students)
“My oldest daughter’s passion for acting grew right alongside the Zephyr theatre as it began! Cassidy & Calyssa (& many others!) have been nurturing, encouraging & challenging her for the last few years to the present—it’s amazing to witness the emotional, physical & spiritual growth in both my daughter & the Zephyr!
She considers the Zephyr to be like a second family—the community that is there strengthens each member to empower the other, rather than a performance-driven competitive environment that we have seen at some other theaters. What she has learned has been deeper than just lines or acting techniques—she has learned how to be open & receptive as a student & how to share her acting passion as she is beginning to mentor other students & learn the art of stage management & production. The Zephyr provides the opportunity for students to live out their own journey—it seems they intuitively know when to open doors to new experiences when the student is ready—There is no pre-requisite or pre-determined age!
There is a mutual love & respect with both the adults & the kids—it seems Cassidy & Calyssa are just as eager to learn new things from the kids as they are from them. The Zephyr’s passion & love for the arts and sharing it with others is palatable!
They do not discourage difference & have compassion for every student based on their own level of experience & ability. They seem to always be evolving and adapting and open to change to make things possible for all and to give back and grow community!
The acting bug seems to have bit our other two younger daughters & they are excited to begin learning & growing in their performance passion with the Zephyr. As a parent, it is reassuring to know that you have trustworthy mentors to guide your kids to not only be the best actor, dancer or singer they can be…but to also be there to encourage them & challenge them to be their best selves in the world & in their life as they are growing up. We are so grateful for the opportunities the Zephyr provides for our children, our family & the community!”

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