Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Be a part of a thrilling interactive murder mystery, and help solve the crime!
An interactive murder mystery
In Partnership with StoryArk

Date: Sunday, April 18, 2021
Time:  3:00pm CDT
Tickets: $75 per family/couple/household
          Ticket sales end:  11:00pm, Thursday, April 15
  Via Zoom
Once purchased, ticket holders will receive:

  • A Welcome Package mailed to you containing mysterious clues and a fabulous cocktail kit
  • A Zoom link to participate in this unique experience.

Will you be able to solve the mystery before the party ends? Do you have the sleuthing skills to decipher the clues? Join us as we host Welcome to the Neighborhood! – An interactive murder mystery in partnership with StoryArk.

Please join us for this non-profit partnership as we aim to connect, create, and investigate!

This Zoom presentation allows you to join from anywhere in the state, country, or world.

Special guest Ken Levine is an Emmy-Award winning writer of Mash, Frasier, Cheers, and The Simpsons. Don’t miss the chance to chat live with him and other screen actors – LA, London, and Local – to solve the mystery!

Hot Tip: Prizes will be awarded for best spring bonnet / fishing hat!

StoryArk hopes the event will also help raise awareness of “The Digital Divide” and give underserved students access to online programs through technology.

Please click here for the FAQ page for this event.

Neighborhood organizer Claire Stephens is inviting the newest residents of the neighborhood to come and meet all the other neighbors in a socially distanced “Housewarming” party via Zoom. As you learn about your new neighbors, the worst happens when one of them meets an untimely end. Suddenly instead of a friendly (and frankly boring) meet and greet this Zoom party has turned into a hilarious ‘Whodunit’.  Listen closely, because as each of the characters proclaims their innocence, the more they implicate themselves!  As the party progresses, you will get to interrogate each suspect directly, interacting with the characters and asking your own questions to find the murderer!

Questions? E-mail us at:

== The Story ==

Welcome to the Neighborhood
Thank you for choosing Running Springs as your new home!

New neighbor Claire Stephens has invited you and all the other neighbors to join a socially distanced “Housewarming” party via Zoom.

Unfortunately, there will be a murder….

….or two.. or three… and it’s up to you to figure out whodunnit!  Interrogate the suspects, collect the clues, and catch the killer! Watch your back, or you’ll be next! As a part of the festivities, everyone receives a welcome package and a fancy cocktail kit – which is a real “treat” – or is it?

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